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Dr. Paolo Tozzi

Dr. Paolo Tozzi is a physician and surgeon since 1983 and dermatologist since 1987. Also qualified as implantologist of biosynthetic hair.

Dermatologist and Implantologist

The hair implant made by Dr. Paolo Tozzi is a simple surgery to perform and has an immediate aesthetic effect.

Biosynthetic hair

A natural effect. A tested and biocompatible material, highly elastic and resistant to breakage.

How is made

The biosynthetic hair chosen by Dr. Tozzi are artificial hair of polyamide origins, they are classified as “medical devices prosthetic” in possess of high quality standards.

How the implant is performed

The technique used by Dr. Tozzi is safe, simple, non-traumatic and satisfy all those who want thick hair


No nuisance or waiting, indeed looking in the mirror during the operation the patient may request the thickening of a particular area, collaborating to the final effect.

Illustrative video

Biosynthetic hair implant – clear and complete illustration of what is the biosynthetic hair and how the implant takes place.

Never again without hair

The technique used by Dr. Paolo Tozzi is a safe and simple technique, non traumatic and satisfy all those who want a natural look without any convalescence, in such a way to be immediately free to start all the desired activities.

The conditions that determine the success of the method are: qualified doctor, use of permitted fiber, appropriate tools and observation of the follow-up protocols.

  • No traumatic and stressful operations

  • None not certified methodologie or disappointing results

  • No pain or long convalescence