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Biosynthetic hair

What it is and where it is produced

The biosynthetic hair chosen by Dr Tozzi are artificial hair of polyamide origins, they are classified as “medical devices prosthetic” who meet the eligibility requirements and high quality standards.

  • Italian production
  • Biologically inert

Quality, safety and high aesthetic standards

In Italy with the D.L. 24/02/1997, the Ministry of Health authorizes the implant of CEE certified fibers and attributes their use and practice only to dermatologists and plastic surgeons.

The decree protects users of technology and punish the abuse of operators not accreditated, the decree avoi as well the use of unauthorized fibers, and exclude the implant of all not suitable material, including human or animal hair constituted of substances of not proven tolerability or with low quality and safety standards. Therefore the materials used have to prove high biocompatibility and resistance to chemical agents. All these requirements have been obtained by biosynthetic hair Biofibre in use at the Dr. Tozzi’s studio

Biofibre are the only biosynthetic hair  to be produced in Italy and biologically inert.

An additional safety for the patient is given by the new anchors of these fibers, which in case is needed, are able to be removed without any difficulty.

The aesthetic standards are widely satisfied, from natural looking of the fibers to hair shape, color and length. The biosynthetic hair can be straight, curly or wavy and they are produced in 13 basic colors but with countless variations, moreover they can be up to 45 cm length, thus satisfying every personal need.


Nonostante gli scetticismi iniziali, ho voluto dar credito a chi mi aveva consigliato l’impianto di capelli biosintetici ed è stata una vera rivelazione. Sento di ricambiare il favore consigliando a tutti questa strada.

C. Ippolito
Effettivamente nessun fastidio, ero tranquilla durante l’impianto e ora mi sto già godendo il ringiovanimento. Grazie!!

The biosynthetic hair, some examples of before and after implantation.

With a minimum of only 500 biosynthetic hair and a maximum of 2500 biosynthetic hair, you will get back your thick hair.