How does the biosynthetic hair implant take place

/How does the biosynthetic hair implant take place
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What is the biosynthetic hair implant?

The hair implant practiced by Dr. Paolo Tozzi is a dermatological surgery with a simple execution and an immediate aesthetic effect.


  • Preliminary visit is free

  • Cost is calculated in the amount of € 2.00 per hair

  • Minimum quantity to implant: 500 – Maximum 2.500

  • Down payment: € 200.00

come si svolge l'impianto dei capelli biosintetici

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How does the biosynthetic hair implant take place?

A general visit is carried out to highlight possible contraindications, such as scalp diseases or some eczema collagen diseases, psoriasis and chronic allergies to the scalp. The surgery is performed with a slight local anesthesia and with insertion of the hair into the scalp one by one, in a number agreed with the patient. The instrument that fixes the hair to the scalp is called implanter and has at the end a millimetric crowned needle that takes the buttonhole at the base of the hair and than inject the hair into scalp.

The buttonhole is covered with collagen which in the days following the implant, melts with the dermis and strengthens the anchoring.

The conditions that determine the success of the method are: qualified doctor, use of permitted fiber, appropriate tools and observation of the follow-up protocols. Simple but fundamental requirements.

What else do you need to know?

Biosynthetic hair is generally lost in the range from 10% to 20% per annum, depending on the patient and on the scalp care, in any case, periodic treatments may be made according to your needs.

Usually, the number of hair to be implanted per session varies from 500 to 1500. With a 500 hair implant, you’ll already get a new appearance.

The technique used by Dr. Paolo Tozzi is therefore a safe, simple and non-traumatic technique that satisfies all those who want a natural look. Moreover, without having to deal with post-operative convalescence, infact you’ll be immediately able to start all your activities or duties.

Note that hair can be implanted with millimeter precision, even in areas affected by alopecia or areas that have previously suffered burns.

come si svolge l'impianto dei capelli biosintetici