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During a single treatment you can implant from 500 to 1500 hair. Generally in a session persons choose to implant 500 hair.

Yes, as soon as you finish the session, you can go home without any problems, also there will be no scar or redness to the scalp. You can therefore easily return immediately to your daily life.

Absolutely no. The biosynthetic  hair is identical to the natural hair, this new type of fiber perfectly reproduces the naturalness, thickness and color of natural hair. Families or friends will not notice anything.

Yes, biosynthetic hair can be washed and combed normally.

No, it’s not painful. A slight local anesthesia is used that make the patient don’t feel pain. In addition, the surgery takes place with the patient help, that seing the aesthetic change becaming true in real time, can work together with the doctor to achieve the desired result, requiring to fill a particular area of the scalp.

No, there is a fall rate that varies from person to person depending on the type of skin, how the scalp is treated and whether or not there are other factors. The implanted biosynthetic hair falls around 15% per annum.

Obviously not, the implanted hair that falls leaves no sign on the skin, thanks to the reversibility of the implant system and the biocompatibility of this fiber that has achieved the CEE mark according to European standards of absolute safety standards for implantable medical devices.

After receiving a biosynthetic hair implant, it is necessary to treat the area with a local antibiotic, instead if the number of implanted hair exceeds 500, it is preferable to administer the antibiotic orally.

On average, patients can repeat the treatment once every six months, to increase the amounts of biosynthetic hair

Yes, it is possible to implant hair across the scalp, even in areas previously treated