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Doctor Paolo Tozzi

Dr. Paolo Tozzi
Dr. Paolo TozziSurgeon / Dermatologist
Dr. Paolo Tozzi is a physician-surgeon since 1983 and dermatologist since 1987. Enabled and qualified as implantologist of biosynthetic hair and expert in offering dermatology treatments, such as fillers, botox, Biostimulants intradermal wires and micro intradermal skin.

Biosynthetic hair implantologist.

Dr. Tozzi arrives after years of studies and analyzes in the field tricologic, to the practice of intradermal implant Hair Bioartificial, governed by CEE Directive 93/42 as medical devices. He chooses the Biofibre hair of Italian production, since they have the scientific guarantee and the clinical and approval of the Ministry of Health under the brand CE0373 / TGA, which is the result of high technology research.

The long and extensive dermatological expertise of Dr. Paolo Tozzi allowed him to practice and improve this method which is the most natural, not traumatic and aesthetically revolutionary biosynthetic hair implant on the market, as assessed by clinical and histological studies also controlled in the long term.

Member of the Order of Physicians of Naples, with registration no. 19589